Bounce Back After Thanksgiving // Reclaim Your Body Challenge


Hey there, sista!

Let's play a game!

What do you think of when you hear the word "Thanksgiving?" 

I immediately think of a food coma, stomach ache, and hella bloat! ALL the carbs and butter and pie! You with me?!

To me, Thanksgiving is the gateway drug to a downward spiral of weight gain over the holidays! It's the slippery slope that sends us into that "oh what the hell" mentality when we reach for an extra serving of potatoes or a handful of cookies!

But this year, I am determined to stay in control and help other women do the same!

Starting on November 25th, I am hosting a mini virtual fit club for everyone who wants to bounce back after Thanksgiving and go into December in CONTROL!

You'll get a week of workouts, superfood shakes, meal plans, and community at a SUPER discounted rate!

You get to experience ONE WEEK of:
🔹 clean eating
🔹 30-minute workouts
🔹 7 days of my favorite superfood shake
🔹 a step-by-step meal planning template
🔹 a supportive community of other ladies on the same journey
🔹 access to my private app for tracking your progress

👉🏼 If you want to undo all the bloat and weight gain after that turkey dinner
👉🏼 If you want a taste of my virtual fit clubs before officially committing to one in the new year
👉🏼 If you want to go into December in control and not stuck in a black hole of food and sugar

Well, then this is for YOU!

We start on November 25th  (with a few days of prep) and officially begin the workouts and superfood shakes on Monday, November 27th!

The price for:
🔹 7 days of breakfasts/vitamins/probiotics
🔹 7 days of workouts
🔹 a clean eating meal planning template
🔹 my favorite recipes
🔹 an exclusive app for tracking progress
🔹 a community of support

Is (drumroll please 🥁)…
US: $30
(+ tax and shipping)

Seriously the BEST deal EVER.

If you want IN and want serious RESULTS to jumpstart your journey, please:

1. COMPLETE this application and I’ll be in touch with the directions for ordering and joining my group!

2. Share this post with a friend! ðŸ‘¯ Having a partner doing it with you is the ultimate form of accountability!

I HOPE you’ll join me for an amazing week of friendship and results! You deserve this, mamas! ❤️

{UK friends- you can join, but will have some limitations since we just launched there!}