FREE Takeout Takedown + Body Blast Challenge

Hey there, beautiful friend! 

I am so excited to launch this FREE challenge, specifically designed for ladies who want HEALTHY SPINS on popular takeout dishes AND want to TONE it UP in 7 short days!

With the holidays approaching, I know how BUSY life can be! It's so tempting to order takeout, BUT let me show you how you can make healthier versions of those takeout meals at home in just 30 minutes! And don't worry, these healthy spins are even more delicious than the calorie/sodium/sugar-laden originals!

In addition to the FOOD, we'll be pressing play on a 30 minute at-home workout each day! In 7 days, you WILL tone it up and see results! And we can't neglect the FACT that a daily workout will boost your MOOD and DECREASE your stress! Who doesn't want that?

These workouts require ZERO equipment and are the exact ones that transformed my entire body, helping me lose over 70 lbs since having my daughter! 

Ashly Side View.jpg

And the BEST part is that you won't be alone! You'll have an entire group of ladies doing it right alongside you. That community is where the MAGIC happens and is the secret to staying motivated and on track!

Here's how it works:

💚 Everything will take place in a private Facebook group! 

💚 You will subscribe to the FREE trial of Beachbody On Demand! I have selected my favorite workouts from various programs and will provide you with a calendar to follow Monday-Sunday! 

💚 Each day you'll do your workout, then snap a sweaty selfie for accountability, and post it in our private group! This is where the support and community come into play! 

💚 All the while, my team and I will be sharing HEALTHY SPINS on popular takeout dishes! We'll be giving you simple recipes to follow (and we'll invite YOU to share any recipes that you have too)! 


If you'd like to join my FREE Takeout Takedown + Body Blast Challenge, please complete these steps:

1. Subscribe to the free trial of Beachbody On Demand. You will be required to enter a credit card, but will NOT be charged until your trial expires. I will give you directions for cancelling or upgrading before then! 

2. Complete this application so I know your goals:

3. Then request to join our private apprenticeship group here:

If you have any questions, please email me at

I can't wait to lock arms with you and help you feel AMAZING in just one week!