The Reality of #Momlife

The reality of #momlife 😵

This was NOT staged. My camera timer literally went off JUST as I looked over and caught London drawing on the wall! Luckily, it's just chalk and will wash off!

I debated whether or not share this...especially since someone recently told me I "shouldn't yell as a parent." 😂😂😂 Like really?! 🙄

But I'm pretty much THE chillest parent out there, so for the sake of being real, here's me yelling "noooooo." Cause yes, sometime shit happens and I react.

No one's perfect. We all yell sometimes, right?!

And how perfect was that camera timing?! It was a sign from the universe that I HAD to share this reality.

So pease give me a ❤️ IF:

  • Your kid has drawn on your walls
  • and/or
  • You've yelled at your kid at some point

Thanks, gals!