We Made It To Scotland!


I read this quote on the train ride here and realized it PERFECTLY describes my physical travels AND career travels:

"You can't experience new lands from the confines of your comfort zone.

Taking a leap of faith is a win-win. Treading water in your comfort zone for the rest of your life is a snore-yawn." ✨

I grew up wanting an extraordinary life, but sadly, I believed I was destined to live an average, safe life.

BUT then I found this lifestyle coaching gig and realized that I COULD have an extraordinary life filled with adventure and abundance. I didn't have to play it safe, abide by certain rules, save my vacation days, or live paycheck to paycheck.

So I'm here to tell you to take that leap. Explore new lands. Stop treading water in your comfort zone! ✨

My 7 day FREE trial of coaching starts TOMORROW and I'm looking for women who want an extraordinary life...all by helping other women live healthier, happier lives!

Let me give you a taste of the coach life so you can decide if you're ready to dive in and change your whole dang life!

Check out the details and join me! You literally have nothing to lose (besides weight, inches, and limiting beliefs) and a whole lot to gain! ❤️

Details and directions for joining my Girlboss Apprenticeship ▶ https://www.ashlylocklin.com/wellness-blog/2017/10/19/october-girlboss-apprenticeship