Just Hanging With My Business Bestie In London! ❤️


We're putting the final touches on our coach apprenticeship program - which kicks off tomorrow!

Then we're hanging in the city with our hubbies and babies (because London & Sam are basically dating)! 😜

If you're interested in joining us for a week of free workouts and social media training, follow the steps in this blog! ▶ https://www.ashlylocklin.com/wellness-blog/2017/10/19/october-girlboss-apprenticeship

I'm a former teacher and Holly's a former engineer. We both left our original careers to be lifestyle coaches and made it to the top verrry quickly, becoming six-figure earners with incredible teams of likeminded women. 👯👯

And now we get to travel the world with our families...all while running our businesses from our phones!

How cool is that?!

If you're like us and want more freedom and passion in life, then join us this week for a free taste of the coach life!