How I’m Preparing for Labor and Delivery

I can't tell you how many people have literally laughed in my face when I tell them my birth vision. But I love this analogy: 

When a woman gets married, she spends months planning every detail, envisioning every moment, and spending tens of thousands of dollars on one day.

But when she decides to have a baby, which is an equally if not more important day, she gives no thought to the delivery and places all of the control (and credit) in the doctor's hands.

Now I am NOT judging any women out there! Please don't think that! My goodness, to each her own. Yes, I know things may NOT go as planned...and I'm cool with that. But I've done my research and know my options. 

Sean and I have invested over $1K into the birth of this child (between the doula, classes, and books) and people think we're nuts. But this is our preference and choice (and that investment is a drop in the bucket thanks to my Beachbody earnings)! So people can keep laughing because we don't mind. 

So what have we done to prepare?

The Confident Birthing Classes have taught us:

  • what to expect during labor and delivery
  • different laboring and birthing positions
  • various ways dad can support and massage mom during labor and delivery
  • pain management techniques
  • how to know you are in labor
  • how to time your contractions and when to go to the hospital/birthing center
  • the various induction techniques
  • what to expect for a C-Section
  • plus LOTS more!

Here are some other articles I’ve read:

I’ll share my birth plan soon, so stay tuned!