Monday Mashup: Website Updates and What I'm Eating

Happy Monday! 

So if you haven't noticed, my website is undergoing some construction! 

I asked my fabulous husband and webmaster to help me add an archive of old posts to my Wellness Blog and he decided to spend ALL day Sunday giving the site some much needed upgrades! You'll notice that some categories have been deleted (Instructional Coaching and Travel) so that I can focus on my main passions: wellness and eating! 

Travel will hopefully be back someday, but I was really slacking on that category, so I thought it'd be best to put it to rest for now. 

Some things are still a work in progress, so be sure to check back soon for exciting changes! 

What's going on this week?

We're starting week 2 of the 21 Day Fix and feeling great! My current challengers are killing it and I couldn't be more proud of them! One of my challengers even lost 5.5 lbs in just the first week; how awesome is that?! Focusing on fitness and nutrition at this point in the year is TOUGH. Everyone is hiding in their forgiving sweaters and indulging in {calorie laden} fall treats, so to have a group of challengers SO dedicated to improving their health during this season is INCREDIBLE! They are by far my most committed and engaged group, which is super exciting for me! 

Here's my meal plan for this week (starting yesterday). I'm beyond excited for the chilly fall air and return of comfort foods! As much as I love summer, there's something truly special about fall. So I'm embracing it with Harvest Salads for lunch each day (I even got a blister from chopping all the butternut squash) and healthy soups for dinner. 

So I know that goat cheese isn't approved for pregnancy, but {after spending 20 minutes in front of the cheese case at Whole Foods, examining each option scrupulously} I found one that is organic and I hope it's okay because I'm eating the d@mn stuff! 

Here's the Maple Dijon Dressing I'm putting on my lunch salads (dressing recipe only, I came up with my own salad concoction).

And here are the dinner recipes for the week (of course, I add my own twist to each and make them a little healthier):

What are you having this week?