Wellness Wednesday: Organic Skin Care

Hello, Wellness Wednesday!

Today I want to talk about skin care and the chemicals we expose ourselves to every day! 

I first learned about this from my favorite Yoga teacher, Dominique Ponko (owner of the best Yoga studio in the world, Yoga Flow). During class, she stated that skin is actually our largest organ and we continuously absorb unhealthy levels of toxins and chemicals through the lotions we use, the makeup we apply, the dryer sheets we choose...yikes!

Of course I went home and did some research and found that she was absolutely right! 

According to MindBodyGreen, the average female puts 515 chemicals on her body every day...holy moly! 

I started to transition to organic foods a few years before learning about the topical chemicals I was consuming and immediately made a change!

So over the next few weeks, I'm going to be sharing my chemical and toxin-free beauty choices with you. 

Today, I want to start with the face! I've tried a few different brands, but have come to love Origins more than all the others. 

Origins boasts:

Yes, these products are a little more pricey than the ones at Target or Walgreens, but you only get ONE face, right? So to me, the investment is worth it.

I currently use:

I alternate between these two and use a facial brush to gently exfoliate and provide a deep cleanse:

  • Dr. Weil Mega-Bright Cleanser (which diminishes dark spots and illuminates skin)
  • Checks and Balances Cleanser 

I use this gentle dermabrasion once a week:

  • Modern Friction Exfoliator

I apply these twice a day (morning and evening after washing my face):

  • Original Skin Renewal Serum
  • Dr. Weil Mega-bright SPF 30 moisturizer

For blemishes, I use:

  • Super Spot Remover

For makeup, I use:

  • Smarty Plants CC (complexion corrector)
  • Quick, Hide! Concealer

  • Silk Screen pressed powder
  • Pinch Your Cheeks powder blush
  • Peeper Pleaser powder eyeshadow
  • Automagically eye liner

  • Ginzing Mascara
  • Fill In the Blanks eyebrow pencil


  • Kisszing moisturizing lip crayon

Stay tuned for the plant-based products I use on my body!

Tell me, what are your favorite, earth and body-friendly products?