Teacher Spotlight: Patty Petula

Teacher Name: Patty Petula
Office Location: Crums Mill, Harrisburg
Currently Teaching: English 10

How do you balance the responsibilities of state testing with your daily teaching duties?  I love the message board and have it set up to resemble their course tree.  Each day's lesson is a link where they will find a sample note page for the story, a read aloud, and a "short-and-to-the-point" power point.  I arm them with what they need if we can't talk.  I answer emails each morning and at night, when the house is quiet--a habit even when we are not testing.

How do you build relationships with your students? I have created a "class space" with Google docs that allows them to upload a picture and description of themselves.  The entire class can see each other's slide, and I keep it as a tab in my browser for quick access.  This reminds me of their hobbies and interests when I call. I have my family's picture in there, too.  I also use my webcam for live lessons, and have no qualms about embarrassing myself with chair-dancing and lip-syncing to music before the lesson.

What is one tip you would offer to a new teacher at CCA?  Share your experience and technology knowledge with your coworkers because everyone has something to bring to the table.  Return web mails the same day--students who reach out feel respected and valued when they receive a timely reply.  I would also encourage keeping things simple and streamlined.  For example, I try not to clutter my message board with more than students need, offering resources in the fewest number of clicks.  

When you’re not working, how do you spend your time? I have two boys ages 8 and 10, so enough said there.  I love organizing drawers and closets as a way physically and mentally de-clutter.  My guilty pleasure is binge-watching Downton Abbey or Scandal on Netflix, preferably with chocolate.

What might we be surprised to know about you? I used to enjoy archery hunting when I was younger.

Thanks for sharing, Patty!