2015 Jumpstart Series: Work It Wednesdays!

Calling All Presenters!

I love the fresh start a new year brings and am always looking for diverse ways to improve ALL aspects of my life {and I'm sure I'm not alone in trying to whittle down my waistline each year, right ladies?!}.

So I thought I'd seize the opportunity to offer a 2015 jumpstart series entitled Work It Wednesdays!

During my welcome calls, I asked everyone to identify their biggest strengths. Let me tell you, we have some STARS among us! If you've got it going on, I ask you to share your secrets with the rest of us! I'll present the research and do all of the planning and preparation. You, my efficient, organized, creative friends, can simply show up and share what works for you! {Think daily schedule, call spreadsheet, etc.}


Peruse the topics below and sign up to present your skills here.

Not interested in presenting, then come and learn from the experts! Over the summer, I read Tuesday Morning Coaching by David Cottrell and learned that "success is created—and sustained—by discovering simple truths from many people and then applying them to your unique situation." Luckily, this series will be just in time for the new semester, so come see what simple truths you can learn from others to make 2015 the best year yet!

2015 Jumpstart Series: Work It Wednesdays!
Time: 12:30 PM
Location: Ashly's LiveLesson room

January 7th: Time Management: Hello, Productivity!
January 14th: Organization: Finding a System that Works for You
January 21st: Calls, Calls, Calls: Tracking & Prioritizing
January 28th: Breathing New Life into Message Boards

I can't wait to learn from YOU!


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