How About This Little FlashBACK

Yes, I lost a ton of weight, BUT I also gained a ton of muscle. That's how I got the first thigh gap of my life, a round lifted booty, and sexy toned arms. 💃đŸģ


I used to be someone who tried EVERY diet that promised "lose weight without exercise." But now I've learned that losing weight means NOTHING if you aren't strengthening your body. đŸ’ĒđŸŧ

🔹I'd rather be thick and strong than skinny and frail.

🔹I'd rather have a round toned booty than a saggy flat one.

🔹I'd rather have legs of steel than flabby thin ones.

🔹I'd rather have arms with muscles than bat wings that flap in the wind.

It's NOT about the number on the scale and how much I weigh. I could care less about that number. đŸšĢ

It IS about feeling strong, healthy, and confident. 💁đŸģ

To me, strong is the new skinny! đŸ’ĒđŸŧ

Who's with me?! 🙋đŸģ Drop your fav emoji below if you agree and support the #StrongIsTheNewSkinny movement! 👇đŸŧ

And if you're ready to get strong with me, I'm here to help you! My current group is filled, but I have a new one starting soon! Complete this app if you're interested in getting an amazing transformation and I'll be in touch to chat about your goals >>>