I read this quote and immediately realized...

“You’ve been assigned this mountain so that you can show others that it can be moved.”

I read that quote 👆🏼 and immediately realized that weight/body image is my mountain! Let me explain…

I grew up HATING my body and trying every fad diet out there. And when I’d inevitably quit (because diets don’t work), I’d say “why me?” I’d cry in defeat and then drown my feelings in sweets. 🙈 Anyone else relate?! 

I longed to be one of those girls who could eat whatever she wanted, could stick with a “diet” long enough to see results, and didn’t dread wearing a bathing suit with every fiber of her being.

Eventually, I gave up hope. I told myself that I was “big boned,” that I had a “slow metabolism,” that I wasn’t blessed with the “skinny genes.”

But then I became a mother, realized what my body could actually do, and kicked those limiting beliefs to the curb!

Instead of looking for a “diet” or quick fix, I viewed my journey as a marathon, not a sprint. Instead of whining and crying, “why me?” I took ACTION.

💪🏼 Pressed play on my at-home workout 5x a week
🌱Drank a superfood shake each morning instead of eating a bagel
🥗Ate a salad for lunch every day instead of a sandwich and chips
💧Drank a gallon of water a day instead of iced tea and pop
🍩Indulged in treats a few times a week instead of every day!

It took a year to lose 75 lbs, but it was worth the wait. And I'm currently at my lowest weight and in the BEST shape of my entire adult life (since I was 14)! 💃🏻

And now that I’ve moved this mountain, I want to help other women do it too.

If you’re ready to take action and ditch your limiting beliefs, I invite you to follow my lead. We'll lock arms and you WILL be the healthiest, strongest, happiest YOU that you've ever been!

You'll get the workouts, superfoods, nutrition plans, and support that helped me lose over 75 lbs! 👯👯👯 I have a new group forming and I'm looking for my new workout buddies.

If this speaks to you, please share your goals with me here and I'll email you with more info >>> http://bit.ly/RockTheMomBod

Together we can move mountains