Shakeology and Pregnancy


I get this question a lot: Is Shakeology safe during conception, pregnancy, or nursing? And I always laugh...hysterically. 

I think it's hilarious that pregnant women chug Diet Pepsi, eat McDonald's, and gobble down candy with artificial colors, preservatives, and flavors...yet they question an all-natural superfood shake clinically proven to yield a wide array of health benefits! It's really mind boggling and says something about our society as a whole. 

First, let me tell you that I am not a medical doctor or a nurse. However, I am a researcher (will soon have my doctorate) and have surely done my research. 

Let's talk conception:

What you do, eat, and drink prior to conception is critically important. My husband and I had been planning this pregnancy for a while and we knew exactly which month we wanted to conceive.

Here's what we did to prepare for conception:

  • 11 months before: we both started drinking Shakeology every day
  • 3 months before: we stopped drinking alcohol
  • 5 months before: we ate organic foods exclusively and followed the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan religiously
  • 5 months before: we exercised every single day
  • 2 months before: we did high intensity workouts every day
  • 1 month before: I stopped drinking coffee and all caffeine (and Shakeology was the only thing that got me through it)

And you know what? We got pregnant on the first try! So if you've been trying for a while, start with Shakeology. Both you and your partner should reap the benefits of the 70+ superfoods from around the world and get your bodies in optimal shape. 

If you are trying, I highly recommend two tools:

  1. Period Tracker Deluxe App
  2. First Response Ovulation Tests

Shakeology during pregnancy:

If you've been drinking Shakeology before getting pregnant, it is safe to continue drinking it throughout your pregnancy. Why wouldn't it be?! 

However, if you didn't drink it before getting pregnant, it's recommended that you wait until the 2nd trimester to begin because your body and the fetus will need to adjust to the nutrient-dense blast of superfoods. And when you do begin, start with half a scoop twice daily and work to a full scoop once a day as your body adjusts. 

What are the benefits?

Shakeology replaces your prenatal vitamin! In fact, all of the superfoods in Shakeology are superior to the chemical-produced vitamins bought in stores. However, you must still take folic acid daily (400-800 mcg per day) and adding an Omega-3 to your diet is a good idea as well. 

Another perk is the digestive benefits! Shakeology is loaded with prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. Constipation is a common malady during pregnancy and Shakeology combats the digestive slowness and promotes regularity. 

Plus, Beachbody just came out with Shakeology Boost: Digestive Health which contains 7 grams of soluble and insoluble fiber. If you're feeling especially backed up, just drop a scoop into your Shakeology and things will get a moving! 

I suffered from all-day "morning" sickness and Shakeology was the only thing I could stomach during that first trimester. 

And if I don't drink my Shakeology first thing in the morning, I am a complete zombie! Once those superfoods hit my bloodstream, it's like I've been reborn! 

Not to mention what it does for your skin, hair, and nails! 


If you drank Shakeology during pregnancy, it is safe to continue drinking it while you and the baby are used to it (aka probably hooked on it)! Many women have reported excellent milk supplies while drinking Shakeology. 

But if you are new to Shakeo, it's best to start out slowly so both you and the baby can adjust. Start with half a scoop and build up to a full scoop. 

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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