Day # 1: Going Public and Opening Your Doors


You now own your own business!! The beauty of Beachbody is that it's based on YOU INSPIRING others, building relationships, and gaining referrals! 

So guess what? People can't see what you're up to or follow your journey if you've got your Facebook on privacy lockdown! A PRIVATE Facebook page is like having a business with a CLOSED sign on the door! Also, with your FB profile public you STILL have control over which posts are public and which are private (just for friends to view) for those of you who have children, spouses in the military, or whatever your case may be.

Worried that you are a teacher and can’t do this?! Nonsense! You will NOT be posting inappropriate photos. You will be motivating, inspiring, and encouraging people on Social Media. You will NOT be posting anything that could jeopardize your job.

Going Public and Marketing Yourself

STEP 1 --->> Change the privacy settings on your Facebook to PUBLIC
*Click the Lock symbol at the top of the page & you will see options to make things public*

STEP 2 -->> Your Profile pic!!

First impressions are everything! You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so MAKE IT COUNT! Sometimes your profile picture is as important as the content on the rest of the page! It's your first chance to say something about you!

You want your profile picture to build trust & loyalty! Think of your Facebook as your reality TV show- why should people want to follow you? I like to follow people who I admire, who I think I would relate to, who are well put together, and who I want to learn from.

Some profile picture DON'TS:

1) The good ol' GNO <--- Girls OR Guys Night out - Drink and/or cigarette in hand. Do you really want to be remembered as the partier? You may look FUN, but you don't look competent! 

2) Group Shots - +1s Allowed... +5s, Not So Much — If you want your BFF or significant other to join in on the fun, that's totally okay. It starts getting confusing when you're posting a huge group shot as your profile picture BECAUSE which ONE are you again?

3) Dark/Blurry Pics - Poor Formatting: Pixelated, blurred, stretched, poorly framed, squashed, otherwise known as circus mirror syndrome pics don't work. 

4) A picture of your kids, your cat, or something that ISN'T you. As cute as they are... people need to see YOU!!! 

5) A picture of Shakeology or Shaun T or a workout program!  Do not EVER put an advertisement or Beachbody product as your profile or banner picture, unless you want to be remembered as a salesy person and lose a lot of Facebook friends fast!

Profile Picture DOs:

1) Find a bright space filled with natural light and with a plain / neutral background.

2) Make sure the camera isn't too close to your face to avoid an unflattering angle. Ask your friend to stand back a bit and even though they may be getting some of your body in frame, you can crop this out later on. No friend? Use a timer app! 

3) Try various degrees of smiling, from a barely there smile in your eyes to a broad grin. Think about what expression is appropriate for business and shows your personality! 

4) Remember, it's not a beauty contest – it's about appearing polished but not overdoing it on the hair and make-up!

5) Learn Some Photoshop Basics — Removing red eye, auto-adjusting levels, and upping the contrast are all really easy tricks you can do to make your images really shine. I use the FREE website for everything!

*You can also check out this little video here to pick up some fun little tips on how to look your best in pics*


STEP 3 -->> Your Banner Photo!

Same rules apply! You can easily make a collage of your interests (THIS is where family, pets, and friends can come in). Check out my banner photo!

The easiest way to do this is go to:

1. Picmonkey >> Design >> Facebook Cover.

2. Add photos through the Butterfly icon on the left.

3. Butterfly>> My Own (at the top)>> Select your photos>> Drag the corners to resize.

 Here are some Picmonkey tutorials: 



1. Change your privacy settings.

2. Change your profile picture.

3. Change your banner cover.

4. Post “DONE” in the comments of today's FB post when finished!

Please let me know if you need help! This might take you more than one day, and that is ok, as long as it is finished by Thursday! 

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