DAY #14 - Establishing Goals & Developing a Shatterproof WHY!

Welcome to our LAST day of training! 

Identifying your WHY

As a coach you will have days where you feel over the moon and days where you think, “What did I get myself into?” It happens to the best of us. But something that can help you to stay focused on the positive when you have a bad day or help you stay focused on your goals is having a rock solid WHY. 

What does that mean? It means that your motivation for doing this is so strong that nothing can knock you off course. Coaches with rock solid WHYs are the MOST successful ones because their WHYs are so strong that they REFUSE to give up! 

Our fuel to this journey is our WHY, our REASON to be here in the first place. Our goals are only cool because reaching them would open up an opportunity, ease a situation, provide security, enhance our lives, and bridge us to our dreams! If you are building for any other reason, it WON'T be enough!

Setting Goals

In order to reach a goal, you HAVE to SET it. Please believe that you are MUCH more likely to hit a target that you define. Otherwise, you are throwing blanks. Be concise about your goals. Be clear with your vision, and create a laser focus.

If you haven't given your dreams and goals much thought, I encourage you to do so NOW!!! Generally, we are not asked to DREAM a BIG dream, and if we are we usually aren't encouraged to really follow through and achieve it! 

Today, I want you to DREAM a little. Actually, I want you to dream a LOT. And I don't want you to limit your goals and dreams to what you THINK you can do... set them based on what YOU WANT TO DO!!!

If you are married or in a relationship, sit with your partner. Talk about what you want to do together. Will you travel the world? Fund a charity?? Take care of your parents???

Do not settle for less than you are capable of, and I will tell you right are capable of SO MUCH MORE THAN YOU KNOW!!!!

Today, make a list of at least TEN crazy cool goals and your WHY!!! Your WHY will likely grow and change as you do. But when you first decided to do this, why did you take the leap of faith? Who or what were you thinking of?

What is your REASON for going after your goals with no abandon? What is the ultimate payout?

Is it family? Significance? Freedom? To finally do something you can be PROUD OF? To leave a legacy?



Please post in the comments of today's FB post:
1. YOUR WHY and TWO goals that you absolutely HAVE to see happen in your life.

{I know this is asking you to step out of your comfort zone, but please try to be vulnerable and honest! This is a judgment-free zone. Whether your WHY is about money, debt, weight-loss or relationship struggles, it’s all okay. Our WHYs are all valid!}

Remember, you are amongst friends here and YOU CAN do anything!

You are ‪#‎MadeForMore‬‬‬‬‬‬!

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