Day #13: What does "EMERALD" mean?

What the heck does it mean to "go emerald” and WHY do people keep talking about it?

Emerald is the first promotion for Beachbody coaches. It means that you have 2 coaches signed up under you (they can be people who actively want to coach or people who just want the 25% discount). One coach signed up on each of your "legs."

Signing Up

Beachbody makes it super easy to get people signed up! It’s only $39 to sign up as a coach and $15.95 a month after that. They can sign up by going to your Beachbody coach site and clicking the button that says “COACH”. 

But even better than that, if someone purchases a Challenge Pack or has in the past, Beachbody will waive the $39 signup fee.

A person can take advantage of this in two ways: 
1. They sign up as a coach from the beginning and purchase their Challenge Pack at the same time! Easy peasy! 

2. They purchase a challenge pack and then later decide to sign up as a coach. This option requires an extra step. At this point they would need to go and sign up as a coach via your beachbody coach website and pay the fee. Then, after they can submit proof of their challenge pack purchase to customer service and they will get reimbursed for that $39 fee. 

Why does being an Emerald matter?

Because it opens you up to earning income based on team volume! You also have the opportunity to start receiving FREE Customer Leads from Beachbody every month (more contacts) if you achieve Success Club 5, and if you achieve Success Club 10 you will receive Success Club Leads (which are leads that include a purchase = commi$$ion right in your pocket)!

Watch this video from Lindsay Matway to learn more about it and the benefits of being an Emerald Coach! She also explains a little bit about what coach placement looks like. That stuff can get confusing so don't get overwhelmed! 

After you're done watching it I want you to share what your personal deadline is for this promotion. How soon do you want to achieve Emerald status? 

DECLARE a date in the comments of today's FB post and let’s make it happen!

If you are already an Emerald, have you set a goal date for your next rank advancements? If so, please share! 

More great info about signing up coaches if you want to earn extra credit (remember this knowledge is going to benefit YOU in the long run): 

Team Volume Cycles Explained

Spouse Placement


How to Set Preferred Placement

How to stay “Active”

Here's a message from a fellow Coach: 


Sooo...after talking to SEVERAL Top Elite Coaches, ALL of them said the SAME exact thing. They advanced to Emerald after making the DECISION to advance to Emerald… crazy right? All they had to do was DECIDE? Hmmm. 

I, personally, had NO clue what EMERALD rank was OR the benefits of reaching Emerald until after I was a coach for TWO weeks. 

Once I knew that I ONLY needed two coaches, I made a DECISION. I signed my husband and my mom ------>> EMERALD coach--BOOM. Yay for Beachbody leads!

I never realized how beneficial this would be for my business LATER down the road…. 

My hubby’s acct sat around for about a year before I was in the position to begin building it as a second source of income, but now his business is bringing in MORE income than mine. My mom got hooked on Shakeology, so she has stayed an active coach, and I’ve been able to build her business just enough (emerald rank) for her to make an extra $1000 per month. <<------How cool is it that we are in a business where we help people and get paid for doing so…. AND, we ALSO have the opportunity to help those who are close to us financially?!?!

I have to admit...I was a little hesitant to sign hubby because I thought I’d have to purchase TWO orders of Shakeology monthly, and we just could NOT afford to do that. Sometimes we do because hubby DOES love Shakeo...but, sometimes we don’t. The image below explains the different ways to keep your spouse or parent active.

I feel LUCKY that I signed my husband and my mom as my first two coaches. As a new coach, I wasn’t seeing the BIG PICTURE ---->> I was only thinking about reaching EMERALD. I wasn’t envisioning building my husband as a second source of income OR helping my parents financially down the road. I just knew I wanted to go FAR with this business...and I wanted to do whatever it took to move forward at that moment. Unexpected BLESSINGS 

So, today...I encourage YOU to make a DECISION. If you plan to build your business BIG...envision the BIG PICTURE down the road, and see if signing your spouse or someone close to you is the right option for you. Let go of your FEARS and reach out to anyone YOU would love to work alongside with. <<----- you get to PICK the people you work with...take FULL advantage and be BOLD...go for it!! If you don’t ask them...someone else will!!!"



1. In the comments of today's FB post, declare your rank advancement date! When will you go Emerald? 

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