Day #12: Contact List---Start it NOW!

It's time to get serious. It's time to be a legit business owner. It's time to create your contact list! 

Here is a crash course on a super effective tool to manage your business and contact list: GOOGLE DRIVE!

Why Google drive?

Watch Kati Heifner's brief Google Drive Tutorial to see the magic. 

Why do you need a Follow Up List? 

Simply put...if you don't have a don't have a business.

Consider this: 

Where does money come from? It comes from PEOPLE. 

If you don't have their name on a follow up list, you're going to miss opportunities. Sure, they might NOT be ready to dive in to a challenge group right now, and I KNOW some of you are thinking, "But Ashly, I can totally remember all 5 people I've talked to!" 

Well, let me tell you something from experience...if you are inviting, making deposits, and forming new relationships daily/weekly like you should be, you will NEED a contact list! Please trust me when I say you want to set yourself up for success NOW! Treat your business like a business! Contacts are incredibly valuable. It's not just a name on a list. It is someone you can inspire. It's someone who statistically knows 2,000 other people (hellloooo referrals!). It's someone who could potentially join your business and totally knock it out of the park! So add them to your list. 

Word of Caution

Don't build your list just to start advertising to them. You goal is to nurture relationships and continue adding value. 

Your list = the most valuable asset in your business. 

It is your network... the people you hope to do business with. Even if you have a small list... cultivate it, nurture it and respect it.

Do not lead with your agenda and spam people. You’ll see the results a little at a time. As your list, trust, and leadership gets bigger, the better the return and results. Keep in mind that once trust is broken, it is extremely difficult to earn back.

Who are you going to trust? The people who add value and share their secrets to success or the person who has been trying to "sell" you from the start?

Build trust and add value. After awhile, people will want to hear your recommendations after you've earned their trust!

Kati's Example List:



Use Google Drive to create a FOLLOW UP spreadsheet for your contacts!

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