Day 11: The SECRET to Success—Your Testimony!

Everyone always wants to know the “secret” to success. The workouts are a step in the right direction, BUT they are only ONE piece to the health & fitness equation. IF you want to fuel your body with the proper nutrients & showcase your results - you’ve got to do some work in the kitchen! We’ve all heard “Abs are made in the kitchen" (and no, that does not mean to do some sit-ups near the fridge!)

The trick is figuring out the right healthy foods to eat & how much you should be eating. 

We had you INVEST in a Challenge Pack because it combines ALL of the important elements to succeed: Fitness + Nutrition + Peer Support! You are set for success and long-term results! 

The pros designed your workout program, the nutrition guide that comes with it AND you are getting AT LEAST one nutrient dense meal a day with Shakeology (which also satisfies that sweet tooth!)

You don’t have to know all of the antioxidants, phytonutrients, prebiotics, enzymes, & superfoods in Shakeology...but this is your SECRET WEAPON! It will help fulfill nutritional gaps in your diet, keep you satisfied, help grow your hair/skin/nails, increase your energy, and help you feel focused & alert! IT WILL help you and your customers maximize results and for $3-4/serving... that is a DEAL that is really a steal! 

Pay attention to not only how you look over the next few weeks...but also how you FEEL! You are changing from the inside out- this is where you start to build YOUR TESTIMONY! 

When sharing the workouts, Shakeology & the Challenge Groups remember: Facts TELL, Stories SELL! People want to hear about YOUR experience & how you feel. They don’t need an 8 page dissertation about the benefits of Shakeology. You have to show them the VALUE. What will a Challenge Pack mean for them? Does it mean looking the BEST on their wedding day? Losing those last 20 lbs & feeling amazing on their vacation? Finally fitting back into their jeans?

When you associate their GOAL with the price it makes more sense! 
The 21 Day Fix & Shakeology were such a game changer for me that I would pay $500 for them! If someone were to ask: is it worth $160 to you to reach your goal weight & feel confident in your skin? I’d say HECK YA! Where do I sign up?!

If someone asks you about another company/product…use the formula: “I don’t know about ____, all I know is _____” and share YOUR story!  [fyi: If they do have specific questions, we do have comparison charts available.]

Example: I don’t know about ______, all I know is...I did the 21 Day Fix with Shakeology and I FINALLY lost that stubborn 15 lbs I couldn’t get rid of!”

The "secret" to all of those Beachbody success stories is that Magic Formula... Fitness + Nutrition + Support = Your Success!

Remember, this is your journey - your success story! You hold the pen, you determine how this story make it a good one!

Be your BEST challenger- We may not ALWAYS "feel" like getting up and getting after it, and that's ok. Just know that some days you're gonna have to push yourself a little bit HARDER and do a little or a lot more to talk yourself into doing what you KNOW needs to be done. 

Save tips, ideas, & posts that motivate you or help you stay on track with YOUR journey! You guys have an amazing opportunity to not only document your weight loss story (on Facebook, a blog, YouTube, etc) and share it, but you can use this as a learning experience to help craft your future Challenge Groups! You want your customers to have the BEST experience because they are your potential future coaches! 


1.    Start making a list in the Notes on your phone/computer of ideas for future posts to share what you are doing, motivate others, document your transformation, etc. 
2.     Share 2 anecdotes or points you will include in your testimony! 

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