Day #9: Challenge Packs & Success Club

You’ve heard about Success Club… but what IS it exactly? And WHY is it such a BIG deal?

Here’s the SHORT of it.

Success Club is THE building block to a successful business. Here’s WHY:

1. It ensures that you are helping 2-5 NEW people every single month.
2. It is a benchmark that your business is GROWING. 
3. If you are an Emerald Coach and reach Success Club, Beachbody GIVES you customer leads AND you also have the OPPORTUNITY to earn customer leads plus their upfront commission from a purchase made without a referring coach. 

Success Club 5 or 10 every.single.month. should be a non-negotiable! You should aim for SC 5 by the middle of each month and SC 10 by the end of EVERY month! 

So how do you EARN IT???


The easiest and most natural way to quickly build your Beachbody income and earn free prizes/vacations is through CHALLENGE PACKS! Not only are they the least expensive way for a customer to get started strong, but you also earn TWO Success Club points for each one you sell, making your monthly goal of hitting Success Club 5 & 10 that much easier!

Your customer saves between 25-30% off retail by purchasing a challenge pack. Also any customer who has ordered a challenge pack can get their $39.95 sign up fee waived IF they decided to become a coach! It’s a huge WIN/WIN because it gives your customers the best chance for success, best discount, and you get rewarded as well with commission and points!


Think of Success Club as an "award" you can earn each month with Beachbody. It’s a goal every coach should have to ensure that their business is moving in the right direction (aka growing)! If you consider yourself a “Business Builder” Coach it should be a non-negotiable goal for you EVERY single month!

How Success Club works:

Success Club works on a point system. To be in Success Club you have to earn at least 5 points each month. Here are the ways you can earn points:

  • Sell a Challenge Pack to a new customer - 2 points
  • Sign up a new coach with a Challenge Pack - 2 points
  • Sell Shakeology on Home Direct (aka autoship) to a new customer- 1 point
  • Sign up a new coach with an order worth 90PV (like Shakeology) - 1 point

Example: to make Success Club for the month by achieving SC 5 you would have to have:
2 new challengers who purchased a challenge pack and 1 person who bought shakeology on auto ship. (5 pts)
3 new challengers who purchase challenge packs (6 pts)
5 people who buy shakeology on auto direct (5 pts)
--or--- get the picture.

Here are a few tips from Brittany LeGette: 


Beachbody has incentives for earning Success Club, as well. Not only does it help move your business forward by helping you earn income and having people join your Challenge Groups, but you can also win prizes! 

For example, if you hit SC5 each of your first 3 months as a coach, they will give you a FREE ticket to Coach Summit. Beachbody also gives out random prizes throughout the year to keep the momentum going… personal development books, clothes, exercise equipment, just to name a few examples. 

EVEN BETTER, there is a Success Club rewards trip every year! This year you could earn a FREE trip to board the SS Beachbody and sail the seas of the Caribbean with us in March 2016 - just for earning SC points this year! 

If you are interested in joining us (why wouldn't you be?!), be sure to get on the WAITLIST now!

(FYI: no obligation by signing up on this list right now. It will just secure your spot in line.)

Other Perks that come with Success Club:

As an Emerald Coach (which is when you sign-up two personally sponsored coaches---we will cover this later in the week):

  • If you hit SC5, you are eligible to receive free Customer Leads for the following month. 
  • If you hit SC10, you are eligible to receive free Customer Leads AND Success Club Leads the following month. With Success Club Leads you receive upfront commission of Shakeology and Challenge Pack purchases when people purchase without a referring coach. Therefore, you will not only get the lead but you will also get 25% commission off of their purchase right in your pocket.

You CAN get Success Club every single month… if you CHOOSE to.

If you choose to build the FOUNDATION for a successful business then you must choose RIGHT NOW to be a Success Club qualifier EVERY MONTH! Choose to leave it ALL on the table every single month and INVITE people to become better versions of themselves! Don’t be set on a certain NUMBER -- just INVITE until you’ve seen 5-6+ YES’s every month!

Some of you locked in SC LAST MONTH! How did you do that? Did you memorize the Policy & Procedures manual? Nope. You just shared and invited right?

Keep that mentality. SHARE and INVITE.

Remember: instead of focusing on the POINTS -- FOCUS  ON THE PEOPLE!



2. Start sharing and inviting to the next CG. 

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