Day #8: Responding to Prospects (Conversations, Direct Links, & Objections)

So you’ve posted your Challenge Group invite and people have contacted you asking for more info.

A few things to keep in mind:

1. NEVER just send them the links to order! You want to talk with them first. See if they know about the program, ask them what their goals are, provide an overview of the program, etc.

You WILL get objections! And I’ll show you how to deal with them today!


STEP 1: Have the conversation with those who are interested.

  1. Please refer to this document to see how I explain the 21 Day Fix.
  2. Then review this conversation guide. Remember to tweak this for your personality. You never want to come off as fake or salesy.



STEP 2: If they are ready to order, send them your direct links.

If your prospect is interested and wants to purchase a Challenge Pack, send them direct links! You always want them to create a free account first and make you their coach THEN purchase their Challenge Pack.

  1.  Refer to this document for finding your direct links.
  2. Here’s a sample of what I send to customers who are ready to order.


STEP 3: Responding to Objections.

Lastly, objections! We ALL get them. And the most successful coaches are the ones who receive the most “NOs.”

Keep in mind: Hearing "no" is the number one reasons people give up on being a Coach. If you want to be successful at coaching you need to realize that people are not saying no to you, they are saying no to themselves.

It is NOT PERSONAL! You have to separate yourself from your responses people give you. Invite and don't worry if they say no. Usually a "No" just means "That's not right for me, RIGHT NOW."

If I can get you to remember one thing at all it is that you can't give up after a few no's. Actually, if you aren’t getting a lot of no’s, then you probably aren’t inviting enough people.

You'll be cutting yourself short from so many great things that lie ahead in coaching and your life if you give up, so just keep working on yourself and your own goals and keep inviting! The right people will come.

review this document on overcoming and responding to objections.


1. Find your Coach ID and create your own list of coaching codes.

2. POST YOUR list of coaching codes below (either a link to your file or a picture).

3. Share an objection you are anticipating and how you will respond.

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