Day #7: Crafting a Challenge Group Post!

The foundation of this business is running online challenge groups. HAVE NO FEAR, I’m going to help you! (And remember, you don’t have to run your own group until you are ready!)

Posting about challenge groups is a learning experience, so I want you to tweak your approach and figure out what works for you, BUT I can tell you that leading by example and sharing from the heart are the BEST ways to advertise for your Challenge Groups.

People want to see someone they KNOW have success before they are ready to jump on board. You don't have to have this crazy transformation- it could be that you lost 5 lbs, are FINALLY able to do a pushup or make it through a whole workout, or maybe you JUST STARTED and did your first workout!

It could be physical results OR  how working out makes you FEEL! Bottom line, SHARE YOUR STORY & SPEAK FROM THE HEART!


What makes a great CG post? Here are a few KEY ingredients:

1) It should reflect your personality, style, & goals- I write mine EXACTLY how I talk in “real life.”
2) Speak from the heart- the same STRUGGLES you have are exactly what people RELATE to!
3) Appeal to the person you’re trying to attract or would love to help! (My customer wants to work on her "problem areas"- tummy, thighs, and butt. It’s very doubtful a man trying to put on muscle will respond to that.)
4) It should be visually appealing! PicMonkey is your friend. CAUTION: Do 
not get salesy here! The best CG posts feature YOU - not some 21 Day Fix marketing image that Beachbody created!


5) Showcasing your own RESULTS is MOST effective, but if you are just starting your journey, NO WORRIES, you can use others - just no stock Beachbody transformation photos please! 

6) Sense of URGENCY (Example: only 3 spots available & the group starts June 15th).

7) Have a Call to Action (If this interests you LIKE, COMMENT, MESSAGE ME.)

Have fun with this - the best thing about this business is you are constantly learning & evolving! 


Consider this when posting to Facebook:

1) Is it working? Are people responding?
2) Would it appeal to YOU? Would YOU raise your hand and say “Yes, I'm fat! Help me!" 

Here is a new coach posting guide created by another SUPER successful coach. REFERENCE THIS! 

Pro Tip: ALWAYS start "advertising" for your Challenge Groups 3 weeks before the LAST DAY to order/first day of PREP WEEK (which is one week before the actual workouts start)! This gives you plenty of time to sprinkle it in your newsfeed without throwing Beachbody in people's faces.

This strategy is called Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook! Your jabs are sprinkles: pictures of you drinking Shakeo, eating a healthy meal, doing your workout, etc. These build interest in what you are doing. 

THEN you RIGHT HOOK! Your right hook is your INVITE! This is when you finally say: Join Me! I have a group starting on June 15th! 
DON’T just start advertising Challenge Groups without sprinkling in teasers of what you are doing beforehand!



1. Decide when you are going to post invites. (I recommend 3 “Join me!” types of posts from now until the first day of the next CG.)

2. Craft ONE of your Challenge Group posts & POST in the comments of today's FB post for review! (You can post more than 1 if you want!)


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