Day #6: Consistency > The #1 Factor of Success

Alright ladies, it’s time to LEAVE your FEARS BEHIND! The number one thing that holds coaches is BACK is WORRYING about what OTHERS THINK!

“I don’t want to annoy my Facebook friends.”

“I don’t want to post too many times.”

“I don’t want to post about Shakeology.”

“I don’t want anyone to defriend me.”

These make me GAG. WHO CARES if you lose a few FB friends?! If they are TRUE friends, they will support you. If they are annoyed by your posting, good riddance! You don’t need them as friends.

I was guilty of ALL these excuses and fears when I started. But after I started my first group and got my first paycheck, I had a huge AH-HA moment! I stopped caring what everyone thought of me and my posts.

I was HELPING people and I was benefiting from it TOO!  

CONSISTENCY over time is the #1 factor for success in this business! The elite coaches who you hear about that are pulling in crazy money are there because they have been doing it every single day for the last few years (to put it into perspective, some of these coaches are making millions in 3-4 years!). Guess what?!! You can do it too! I know you can and we can all go to the top together! Who is ready for the ride?!

Here's a message from a 2-star diamond coach from one of the Bombshell Dynasty master training groups:

"I had almost nothing happen for the first 3 months. And went Diamond on day 96 with crazy activity in 5 days. People hang back and wait to see if YOU will stick with it. No one wants to be first or get involved with someone that flakes out. And if you quit after just a few months, all you do is prove them right in not having joined you. Set up realistic expectations... 6 months of consistency to start seeing some real returns and credibility with friends and family and a year to become known as "the coach" and see some pretty decent money... and it is EXPONENTIAL after you keep consistent for a year... Total commitment to the fitness and beachbody lifestyle and personal development will attract people from far and wide that you could never imagine would find you."

This is not to say that nothing will happen for the first 6 months either. My first months were very steady and surprisingly lucrative! Yes, I’ve had moments where I questioned all the effort I’d been putting in, but I never stopped working, and because I didn't, I have people who trust me because I proved to them that this isn't a fad for me. They are joining me because they see that it really works and they can count on me to be consistent for them - as a coach and leader!

You may have to sacrifice. You may have to shuffle some stuff around to make it work, but do not give up before 6 months! If no one is joining you, put MORE efforts into yourself! Be more committed with your workouts and share a photo of you doing them EVERY DAY! Pour yourself into your personal development. Sit and focus on positive thinking, see yourself as WHAT YOU WANT to be!!! And STOP worry about naysayers, doubters, and critics. You’ll be the one laughing at them in a year…when you can quit your job, pay off your debt, and live a life of freedom!



1. It’s been a crazy first week. So I want you to catch up on every assignment from this week. Now that you know what daily activities you should be completing, let’s aim for some CONSISTENCY starting today!

 2. If you completed every assignment from this week, start planning posts for next week. I always write down 2-3 ideas for each day so I’m never at a loss for something to post/share.


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