Day #5: Authentically YOU!

Whether or not you realize it, SOCIAL MEDIA is a HUGE blessing in our business. Lindsay Matway (the founder of the Bombshell Dynasty—the larger team we are a part of) built a solid 7-figure business through FB ALONE! But taking pictures of her Shakeology bag and the TV screen of her workout didn't get her there!

You CANNOT come off as generic. People want to see YOUR personality, YOUR life, YOUR triumphs, YOUR struggles, YOUR fun, YOUR fitness, YOUR family, YOUR food, YOUR recipes. How awesome is that?!

People buy into YOU... LOOOONNNGGG before your product.

And I learned long ago, people like ME because I'm me, not me trying to be someone else.

It’s so easy to get ’sucked in’ to social media and only want to put your best foot forward, and don’t get me wrong, leading a life and sharing a life that inspires others is AWESOME and what we are all aiming to do; but the reality is sunshine and butterflies ALL THE TIME isn’t REAL LIFE.

Remember, perfect is nice to look at, but it’s hardly relatable, and you want people to relate to you... to see something in YOU that they connect with (struggles, mess, and all!).

Get fun, creative, silly, funny, deep. Make your FB your REALITY SHOW. Your DRAMA-FREE reality show!!!!! (No one likes complainers and whiners.)

Anytime I am crafting a post or image, I think about a SCROLL-STOPPER. What kind of picture is going to CATCH the EYE of my niche market (or ANYONE for that matter) and have them stop mid-scroll to check it out? Fun, colorful pics seem to do the job! 

*Note: I don't always make sure I look perfect. I show messy hair and an un-make-upped face. I show my husband scowling during our workouts. And people LOVE that. But I make sure the picture is clear and eye-catching, and adds value in some way whether it be a tip, a witty comment, or business, family, fitness inspiration. MAKE PEOPLE FEEL SOMETHING! 

So make a vow and PROMISE me RIGHT NOW... NO salesy, gimmicky posts. If you are talking about a product, show a picture of YOU using it (i.e. drinking Shakeology or working out→ people love seeing workout moves). If you are advertising a challenge group, show a transformation pic. One of you would be awesome, one of a current challenger or fellow coach would be great too… strangers are a last option.

To build a business on social media takes work. A little skill and dedication, a lot of patience, but mainly YOU being authentic and your awesome self!

Oh and I want to add a 4th Vital Behavior: Selfies! Coaches who post selfies attract more challengers than those who don’t. Again, people want to see YOU. So get comfortable with being uncomfortable and snap away!


Today, I want you to craft a picture to post on Facebook. Remember your 5 passions from day 2? Choose one of those. 

Remember, adding TEXT to a photo is a GREAT way to catch an eye (look at today’s examples). On a smart phone: Photo Editor, Instants, Pic Collage, Word Swag, etc., but also remember sometimes less is MORE! 

Show your personality and just have fun!!!! You can do it.

Post it in the comments of today's FB post if you want feedback. If not, post it to your page and comment DONE in the comments of today's FB post. Can’t wait to check them out! 

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