Day #3: The 4 Vital Behaviors

I am so excited to share ALL of the “SECRETS” to success with each of you, but what you will SOON find out is that the TRUE “secret sauce” ain’t so secret… rather, it’s just UNDER-VALUED and over-looked!

WHY?! Because it's ALL SO EASY to do... but, then again, it's also easy NOT to do! The results will {ONLY} show up with CONSISTENT efforts and behaviors, and most people stop actively doing these small things BEFORE they see the fruits of their labor! 

What are these EASY tasks? 

Beachbody's 4 VITAL BEHAVIORS:


These three VERY SIMPLE activities, when done CONSISTENTLY, can take you from brand new coach to a SIX FIGURE earner IN A YEAR if you want them to!

So what do these mean?

This includes posting invites to upcoming Challenge Groups and privately messaging people to join you. Don’t fret! You don’t need to start messaging people out of the blue asking them to workout with you. Instead, I am going to teach you how to post invites (using the Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook method) and follow up with prospects this week. For now, “inviting” means sharing your story, sharing your progress, sharing your love for the products→ this will lead to inviting!

And eventually, you will invite people to join your team (but baby steps, don’t worry about that just yet!).
This also means building relationships and reconnecting with old and new friends. Remember, this is attraction marketing…people will be attracted to YOU. It’s typically not a good idea to message someone out of the blue and ask them to workout (it’s kinda like telling them the need to lose some weight, right?!). But if you reconnect and start talking about a mutual interest, your kids, a fun memory, etc., Beachbody will naturally come up! They will ask you what you’re doing and this is your IN. So you NEED to start reconnecting and building relationships ASAP. 


Complete your workouts and drink your Shakeo EVERY DAY! You WILL see results and WILL be PROOF that they work. People will notice, ask you what you’re doing, and you’ll be in a position to GUSH over how quick and effective the 21 Day Fix is, how delicious Shakeo is, how much more energy you have, how great you feel, etc. 


You can’t lead others if you aren’t in a good place yourself. Personal development isn’t just for “broken” people. CEOs read 4x more than their employees, mostly personal development books. Guess what? You are now a CEO of your own Beachbody biz. So it’s time to start learning! 

But sometimes we just don’t have time to sit down and read. So take advantage of audio books, podcasts, etc. Pair mindless activities (cleaning, showering, driving) with mindful ones (listening to personal development). Check out this Google Doc filled with FREE audio PD.

You MUST listen or read PD for 10-15 minutes per day. It’s a vital behavior, after all. I NEVER listen to music in the car. I only listen to Podcasts or audio books. So squeeze it in whenever you can!



Recognize and celebrate new coaches on your team, coach successes, challengers who are standing out and giving their all, challengers who have hit goals, etc. Recognize and celebrate everything! 


1.    Save and print this checklist! I want you to start checking off your workouts, Shakeo, SM posts, and PD. We will cover the other items later this week. 

2.    Check out this compilation of FREE personal development and decide what you will read or listen to first. (I recommend starting with the Craig Holiday Series---AMAZING---and what I started with. It will really get you excited about this opportunity! Listen to it in the car, while cleaning, etc.) Post your choice below. 

3.    Since everyone has not received their DVDs or Shakeo yet, we are going to focus on the 1st Vital Behavior. 

So RE-ENGAGE with THREE friends. (This doesn't have to do with ANYTHING Beachbody! GIVE what you like to receive! Who doesn't like it when people post comments on their posts and pictures and ask about their lives?! Simply make an effort to leave meaningful comments on their FB wall/pictures or message them to catch up!)

In the comments of today's FB post, share the names of the 3 people you connected with/commented on today. 

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