Day #2: Your Guide to Social Media

PART 1: Identifying Your Passions

It’s time to introduce your NEW LIFESTYLE in a way that is anything BUT SALESY! I want it to be a way that is INSPIRING and provides VALUE to the lives of others!

One of the BIGGEST mistakes you can make is having ALL of your posts focus on ONE THING --- SELLING, INVITING TO CHALLENGE GROUPS, and TALKING ABOUT BEACHBODY! ‪#‎YUCK‬‬‬‬‬‬! No one is inspired by posts intended to fatten YOUR bank account! Plus, how do you like seeing things like that in your news feed? I know I don't! 

You have to become someone who ADDS VALUE and INSPIRES... now you're thinking but HOW?!?!


I would like for you to take out a sheet of paper and think about these  questions:

1. What are 5 topics you are MOST passionate about? (These are things you naturally want to post about… they are the things you love to research or spend your time doing!) - Mine are: clean eating recipes, natural living, pugs, travel, and education. 

2. What do you want people to know about you?! I personally want people to know that I am a life-long learner, pug lover, world traveler, and healthy lifestyle guru. 

3. What are topics people ask for YOUR advice on? Mine are: cooking, motivation, travel, and holistic remedies. 

Once you answer those questions, narrow them down to FIVE main areas your posts will be focused on! You will rotate between these 5 regularly.

Mine are: nutrition/cooking, natural living, fitness, travel, and education  (okay one more: pugs!)

STEP 2: Check out your Facebook now and pretend you know nothing about yourself... WHAT WOULD YOU KNOW by simply looking at the last 5 posts?


PART 2: How To NOT Make Your Facebook Friends Hate You

Now I want to talk FACEBOOK POSTS --- and the difference between posts that are annoying and posts that actually draw people in.

Nowadays it seems everyone is selling something. Oils, wraps, mascara, jewelry, magic cleanses, etc. So how do you share without getting lost in the noise? It’s all about AUTHENTICITY! 

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts:

DON’T: POST A SALE FROM BEACHBODY with corporate photos. 
DO: SHOW your OWN results from the program that happens to be on sale and your personal experience and feelings from doing it.

DON’T: POST a list of all the stuff that comes with 21 Day Fix. 
DO: SHOW people actual examples of what they are going to get to eat using those containers! Make a meal with the containers, include yourself in the pictures ←- people are following your FB page to see YOU after all, aren’t they?

DON’T: POST about apprenticeships (sharing FACTS about the discount, compensation plan info, etc.)
DO: SHARE a personal story, success from your group/team, or how your life has changed.

It's important that your posts have an image that STOPS someone in their tracks (remember, many people are on their phone scrolling and they are not going to read a post that is more than a few paragraphs). Make it engaging and give a CALL TO ACTION ←- give them some way to respond. Ask them to like it, share it, message you, ask a question for them to answer. Make it interactive so people don’t skip right over it and do your BEST to make most posts ADD value to others lives!

CREATIVE POST INSPIRATION: A lot of times I will go on Pinterest to get ideas and then when I find something that INSPIRES me, I take that idea and make it my own --- putting myself in the pic with a quote over-top for instance.


You MUST be strategic with when you post so people SEE your content and images!

When do YOU check Facebook? 

  • When you first wake up?
  • When you get to work?
  • When you eat lunch?
  • After work?
  • In the evening on the couch?
  • At night before going to sleep? 

These are times you want to HIT your niche market. 

You do NOT want to post at 11 PM on a Friday night! No one is looking for fitness motivation then!

For working peeps, the above times are best. Facebook gets a lot of traffic between 6-9 PM. But I’ve found that late-night posts (after 8 PM) don’t do as well. Mornings are also great because you have ALL day to get exposure. 

Also think about people’s needs and who you want to target:

  • Monday Motivation (when everyone is feeling bloated and gross from the weekend)
  • Transformation Tuesday (a great time to share your transformation)
  • Wellness Wednesday (a healthy tip or recipe you’ve learned)
  • Throwback Thursday (a picture of you in an outfit you are dying to get back into)
  • Fit Tip Friday or Flex Friday (show off those muscles)
  • Sunday is a great day to post about faith, gratitude, etc. 



1. In the comments of today's FB post, share the FIVE main areas YOUR posts will be focused on.

2. Share what you discovered by doing STEP #2 and investigating your Facebook!

3. Post 1-2 times on FB on 1-2 different topics that are important to you (refer to #1) making sure that each has an eye-catching image, adds value, and has a call to action. {If you are pressed for time today, 1 post is okay. But remember the ultimate goal is posting 2-5 times per day in order to be successful.}

Also, this is a great way to learn and grow from each other! Be sure to check out one another’s – Iron SHARPENS Iron!

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